SHANI, a sixteen-year-old background dancer at an erotic dance theater in Lahore, is in love with an older transgender woman ALINA. While Alina prepares to audition for the spot of the new headline dancer, Shani struggles to find the right moment to confess his feelings. The film follows this unlikely couple and explores questions of gender, sexuality and identity.

The film’s cast includes upcoming actress Mehar Bano and Nadia Afgan who starred in popular Pakistani series Suno Chanda and Shaslik. The main leads are Shani, played by Abdullah Malik, and Alina, played by Alina Khan, a trans girl from Lahore who was discovered after an exhaustive search through the trans community in Lahore. Alina makes her acting debut with this film.

Directed by Saim Sadiq
Urdu/Punjabi, 16 minutes, 2019, Pakistan