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Roya is a British Muslim woman who is in a secret relationship with another woman, Charlie.

But when Roya’s mother dies very suddenly, their tender romance with its beautiful stolen moments on the squash court where they first met, comes to an abrupt and devastating end.

Reeling from grief and guilt over being in a relationship she believes her mother would never have approved of, Roya shuts Charlie out.

In her family home, now devoid of her mother’s warmth, Roya struggles to relate to her distant brother, while the pressures at home become more than Roya can take.

As her grief and loneliness only amplify over time, Roya realises she’s not just mourning the loss of her mother, but also the loss of Charlie.

To win Charlie back, Roya must reconcile her culture with her sexuality in order to truly let love in.

Directed by Poonam Brah
English, 12 minutes, 2019, United Kingdom